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Let’s get practical — Part 3 (capturing text)

As I mentioned in Let’s get practical — Part 2, I follow the practice of capturing information from sources (mostly online) and saving it in discrete, labeled chunks. I use a similar process for Insights: Write an idea down as … Continue reading

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My goals … and biases

You can’t apply technology and supporting strategies effectively to a resource if that resource does not have a well-understood model. Applying technology to the superficial (or imagined) properties of an un-modeled resource — for example, all the text in the … Continue reading

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Abusing [American] English

I love reading informative articles and books that use English in fresh ways. Language is a living thing, after all. But the media are doing their best to butcher it. (Of course, now everyone belongs to the “media.”) Words we … Continue reading

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What are the characteristics of a good model for practical knowledge?

Wikipedia credits statistician George Box with the phrase, “All models are wrong but some are useful.” Box repeated the aphorism in a paper that was published in the proceedings of a 1978 statistics workshop.[2] The paper contains a section entitled … Continue reading

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Representing practical knowledge with ICKMOD — an example

When Néstor Sánchez, developer of Instrumind ThinkComposer (“TC”), made a succinct but important comment on this blog, I decided to represent his ideas and their connections with some thoughts expressed by John Bottoms and with my own thoughts — using … Continue reading

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