About the blogger


Phil Murray has had a life-long interest in precise representation of the meaning of human communications and “knowledge management.”

That interest has taken him many places, from studying foreign languages and literature to — much more recently — serving as Enterprise Knowledge Architect at Aelera Corporation, where he designed an A-to-Z, standards-based knowledge-management solution provided as a web-based software service. He drove the activities of the implementation team, which included staff and students of the SUNY Binghamton University Computer Science Department.

Phil’s web page on faceted classification ranked #1 or #2 in Google searches for more than three years and was widely cited in discussions of faceted classification and navigation.

Mr. Murray has also served as Editor-in-Chief of The Barrington Report on Advanced Knowledge Organization and Retrieval (BRAKOR), The Electronic Document Report, and KM Magazine/KM Metazine.

His other activities in KM have included:

  • Co-founder of the Center for Semantic Excellence (www.semanticexcellence.org)
  • Principal author of the landmark market report, The Practice of Knowledge Management
  • Organizer of KREF (the Knowledge management Reference model
    EFffort), a Web-based collaborative effort to develop precise, shared descriptions of the key concepts and technologies of knowledge management
  • Organizer of the first “Knowledge Management Town Meeting”
  • Member, Board of Directors, The Boston Knowledge Management Forum

Phil Murray can be reached at phil.murray@tamingcomplexity.org