Random technical recommendations

I feel compelled at times to say a few things that may not be directly about representing knowledge or converting information into meaning. I will keep them here.

I discuss tools designed for capture, management, and transfer of knowledge in separate posts.

Try to avoid freeware/shareware sites

I used to love going to shareware sites and downloading interesting applications, because they were a treasure-trove of interesting, low-cost (or free) tools for managing aspects of knowledge capture and management.

Not anymore.

Do not go to CNet (download.cnet.com) to download freeware/shareware for mind mapping, concept mapping … or anything else, for that matter. Every new application I have downloaded recently from CNet attempted to install “driver managers” and/or other nastyware. My last download from CNet changed my home page and default search engine in spite of my best efforts to prevent changes to my system.

Almost everyone is experienced enough to avoid CNet and such download sites, but maybe I will save someone a bit of grief.

Instead, try to find the developer’s web site, if  you can.

On a positive note, try paint.net

I started using paint.net in 2015. It has a remarkably good set of features for creating and editing bit-mapped graphics. I will not come close to using most of those features, but I needed more than Microsoft Paint offered. The paint.net application has a large and supportive following, too.

See http://www.getpaint.net/index.html  — not www.paint.net.

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